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In Conversation with Estelle D’Hermy Morelli

OPOI is the new French active-wear brand, resolutely turned towards versatility. Because it refuses to belong exclusively to the sports dressing room, OPOI changes the rules of the game and fashion. Born from the desire of its Franco-Italian designer, Estelle D’Hermy Morelli, to offer a wardrobe between of well-being and elegance, OPOI is a patchwork of inspirations with infinite compatibility.

Estelle D’Hermy Morelli

Uninhibited, its silhouettes are expressed in a graphic spirit, inherited from vintage
images, and are adorned with mineral and powerful hues. From home to a Pilates class to a professional or personal appointment, alone or with an oversize shirt or blazer, OPOI is worn everywhere and by all. Since her beginnings, Estelle has been committed to writing the history of a universal and inclusive brand, regardless of age or morphology.

If the pieces in her collection have a real identity, they are nevertheless destined to last. Freed from trends, their clear lines and subtle cuts have been designed to adapt to the moments of the day and those of life. This is why the young designer took the time to choose her materials and partners. Like her culture, Estelle sources its fabrics between France and Italy while ensuring their OEKO-TEX label. On the manufacturing side, she has chosen a Portuguese factory whose motto is
unequivocal: “From nature, with nature, for nature”. With OPOI, Estelle D’Hermy Morelli reveals a new way to approach activewear: the art of layering in the age of ecology.

OPOI recently launched a new adventure in the UK market, at VITA FITNESS in London from April 22nd to May 7th.”I have always been a great admirer of how British people find their balance between work and sport. When Vita offered me the
opportunity to open in the heart of London it was for me a no- brainer”. Born into a Franco-Italian family, Estelle D’Hermy Morelli has been immersed in two rich and inspiring cultures since her childhood. With fashion as the keystone, Estelle quickly developed a sensibility for styling. Curious and passionate, she made her debut in 2009 alongside Raphael Young, a famous shoemaker. She then discovered the atmosphere of the factories and the importance of craftsmanship and beautiful materials.

It is with major Italian and French luxury houses like Roger Vivier, that she continued her career. But the arrival of her first child and the confinement in 2020 make her completely rethink her life plan. Between 4 walls, Estelle takes up sports and finds in these movements the secret of a balanced well-being.
But one question keeps coming back to them: how to dress while feeling comfortable in her clothes while remaining feminine and elegant? From this desire for versatility is born OPOI, an active-wear line with free looks and retro style. Because feeling better in your clothes can and should help you feel better in your body and mind. In this feature we speak with the designer about the thought process behind the brand.

What was the thought process behind coming up with this brand?

The brand was born from the desire to offer a wardrobe between well-being and elegance. During the first lock-down, I had more time to go back to my passions, Pilates and Yoga. I loved the fact that I could stay in my sports clothes and work at the same time but I was missing this little chic twist in my outfits. That’s how Opoi was born! From home to a Pilates class to a professional or personal appointment, alone or with an oversize shirt or blazer, OPOI is worn everywhere and by all.

Who is your target clientele?

Opoi is for strong women, feminine and always on the go. My clientele don’t want to have to choose between being chic and comfortable in their busy lives. Opoi is a brand dedicated to an open, intergenerational tribe, united by the same strength of spirit, character, outlook and style. These women are also committed to a return to sustainable fashion – beautiful pieces that are made to last – so they totally understand the way we can play with the OPOI collection in mix and match outfits.

  “I have always been a great admirer of how British people find their balance between work and sport.” Please elaborate.

Indeed, I have always been a big admirer of how natural it is for British people to combine an active work life with a workout section. I was always fascinated to see how easy and spontaneous it was for most British women to come to the office in leggings and sneakers and then switch looks. Long before the active-wear trend became a thing in France, British women were head of the trend.

What is your advice to aspiring fashion designers?

Take a look deep within yourself. We have all the answers within us, we just need time to believe in us. The rest will follow if you have a strong believe.

After the UK which destination do you intend to launch your brand at?

We have great opportunities coming up in Asia! Asia is getting a big interest lately in sport of course with a very fashionable and sophisticated style so we believe it can be a great adventure for Opoi.

 How would you describe your personal style?

Chic and retro with a passion for accessories, I love combining different styles and creating something unique that makes you feel comfortable and chic at the same time. Yes you can wear leggings and be elegant. Opoi is a patchwork of inspirations with infinite compatibility.

What was the first garment you ever designed?

A full suit! A passion for those full dance outfits I wore when I was a teenager.

 Who are some of your favourite fashion designers?

Stella McCartney ! For her committed fashion, and especially to be the first one who started female fashion collabs with a sports brand.

Do you consider yourself an artist?

An artist is a dreamer and I dream with OPOI to finally bring together sport and luxury in a common language. So yes, there is probably an artist’s part in this adventure.

Where can readers buy your products?

Online on our website ! And in London we are at Vita boutique fitness until mid-May.



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