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 The word ‘pizza’ is believed to have originated from the Latin word ‘pinsa’, meaning flatbread. Pizzas originated when peasants in Italy used ingredients they could get their hands on to produce pizza dough and topped it with olive oil and herbs. Later pizzas got a modern look and more ingredients were used to create several new versions. Fresh mozzarella cheese was used in Italian pizza. Other cheeses are used these days but the original taste comes only with good ole mozzarella.

These days pizzas are available everywhere in the world. Every region or country has created pizzas according to their tastes and preferences.

Butter garlic prawns

The Hawaiians enjoy pizzas with fruit toppings. Topped with slices of pineapple or banana and corn, their style of making pizzas is unique. France has always been enthralled by cheeses and the French use different varieties of cheese to create an exotic flavor. The Japanese add fish in their pizzas too; their pizzas have fish such as anchovies, shrimps and salmon. Indians pizzas are topped with pieces of tandoori chicken or with vegetarian toppings with adequate spices. Mexican style pizzas are a delectable combination of black olives, mouth-watering cheese, jalapeno pepper, and diced tomato along with a dollop of sour cream on top. While some of them may have a base of fried tortilla with a layer of refried beans.

barbecued chicken wings

Recently I was sent a range of delicious pizzas at home in unique flavours such as mutton Rogan Josh, butter chicken, butter garlic prawns, mushroom galouti and Mediterranean grilled vegetables from Sliced in Pune-A homegrown pizza delivery and takeaway cloud kitchen.


“Pizzas for Indians have become the ultimate comfort food and we want to take that comfort a notch higher by combining unique flavours and ingredients. A part of the selection is aimed at amalgamating authentic styles of preparation with Indian flavours to create taste profiles truly unique to the Indian palate and an International selection creating top-of-the-line recipes that combines ingredients that are distinctive,” says restaurateur Sangram Shirole who a few years ago came up with The Urban Foundry in Pune -one of the most popular restaurants in the city for it’s quirky décor, uniquely themed food and excellent cocktails.

Sliced dishes up new age pizzas that have a handcrafted flatbread base which is airier and lighter topped with their in-house blend of international cheese. 7 different varieties of globally sourced cheeses are used and bespoke pizza sauces in addition to signature in-house Makhani sauce. There is also a range of accompaniments such as Mac & Cheese, garlic breads, chicken wings, shakes and indulgent desserts which you can indulge in making it a veritable feast of sorts.

Mutton Rogan Josh

“We have always wanted to enter the cloud kitchen space since quiet some time. Due to the pandemic, we had time on our hands to experiment and so we thought why not give it a try.  Sliced offers a range of unique International and Indian toppings that will definitely keep you craving for more. The biggest challenge for a cloud kitchen is visibilty. Since we are heavily dependent on online marketing, publicizing the product is tough at the moment. For now we are completely focused on delivering a great product consistently to our customers. In case the plan works for us, we might want to open a few more takeaway/delivery format stores in the future,” reveals Sangram .

Mushroom Galouti

Sliced has it’s own delivery link – and is available on Swiggy and Zomato as well.





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