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Clay Craft India Private Limited

Clay Craft India Private Limited, the largest manufacturer of ceramic tableware products in India has recently announced a groundbreaking achievement by becoming the first ceramic tableware manufacturer in India to introduce Digital Printing. This technological leap is set to redefine the landscape of ceramic tableware, showcasing innovation and craftsmanship at its finest. The state-of the-art printer is sourced from KeraJet, a renowned machine supplier based in Spain, globally recognized for delivering world-class printing solutions. Clay Craft anticipates that digital printing will lead to dynamic shifts in the aesthetics and design of tableware, keeping pace with evolving consumer preferences.

Textures Ground Collection

Digital Printing on tableware is revolutionary for numerous reasons. In alignment with India’s commitment to sustainable practices, digital printing drastically reduces water usage and optimizes ink and material consumption, reflecting the global shift towards environmentally conscious production. The streamlined process, from design to print in just 10 minutes, enables rapid project acceptance cycles and real-time adjustments during production without any delays. The advent of digital printing eliminates the need for minimum orders, allowing cost-effective production for a single piece. Hotels and restaurants can incorporate a personal touch to their designs without incurring additional costs, opening avenues for creative possibilities. Additionally, as the value of land increases, warehouses full of pad printing tools would be considered unproductive, making
digital printing an efficient solution.

Textures Aroma Collection

Bharat Agarwal, Director of Clay Craft India Private Limited, says, “While digital printing on ceramics has been popular in ceramic tiles sector since 1998, we are excited to extend the application of this technology to ceramic tableware with Kerajet. Digital printing on ceramics is a well-established trend in the West. Clay Craft is proud to be the flag-bearer of this trend in India, bringing global standards to the forefront of the country’s ceramic industry. Our acquisition of the nation’s first Digital Printer for Ceramic Tableware is a testament to our commitment for innovation and quality. We are thrilled to collaborate with Kerajet to redefine the way we perceive and experience tableware.”

Textures Sway Collection

With a distinguished career spanning more than a decade, Deepak Agarwal holds the position of Director at Clay Craft India Private Limited and Crown Craft India Private Limited, two prominent organisations of the Clay Craft Group. As a Director at Clay Craft India, Deepak is a driving force behind the Company’s success, reinforcing its position as a premier brand in the ceramic tableware industry. In this feature we spoke with him about the latest collection, how Artificial Intelligence is going to change the way we live, eat and think, future plans of Clay Craft India Pvt Ltd., etc.

Textures Sway Collection

What was the thought process behind coming up with the brand-new collection?

The thought behind launching the brand-new JCPL Porcelain Collection, Textures, was driven by a desire to seamlessly blend tradition with technology. Clay Craft aimed to innovate within the ceramic tableware industry by introducing India’s first digitally printed ceramic tableware collection. We wanted to create a collection that caters to a wide range of tastes and occasions, combining classic, timeless pieces with modern, on-trend designs.

Textures Coral Collection

By utilizing Artificial Intelligence (AI) and state-of-the-art digital printers, our designers were able to craft intricate designs directly onto fine porcelain pieces, resulting in a unique textured surface. The inspiration drawn from natural elements such as Ground, Aroma, Soil, and Sway, infused with the elegance and grandeur reminiscent of the Renaissance, reflects Clay Craft’s commitment to pushing the boundaries of design and quality. Ultimately, the collection aims to elevate the dining experience with tableware that is both elegant and durable, while meeting the diverse needs of the HoReCa industry.

Textures Coral Collection

What is the USP of your brand?

The unique selling proposition (USP) of Clay Craft India is its position as the largest manufacturer of high-quality ceramic tableware in India producing more than 100,000 pieces daily. Distinguished by its innovative integration of tradition and cutting-edge technology in the production of high-quality products, Clay Craft is the first in India to introduce digitally printed ceramic tableware. We leveraged Artificial Intelligence (AI) and state-of-the-art digital printing technology to create intricate, textured designs directly on porcelain pieces.

Through a multifaceted strategy that includes omni-channel domestic operations and targeted international market approaches, we also effectively meets diverse consumer needs, ensuring a robust market presence.

Radial Collection

How do you plan to market the new product?

To market the new Textures collection, we plan to employ a multifaceted approach that focuses on availability, strategic partnerships, and comprehensive marketing campaigns. We are prioritizing the widespread availability of the new collection across India. With our extensive distribution network of 110 distributors and presence in over 12,000 retail counters, we ensure maximum reach. We intend to leverage our partnerships with key retailers like Walmart, Reliance, Shoppers Stop, and Lifestyle as well as online platforms such as Amazon and Myntra.

This strategy ensures that our products are easily accessible to a wide audience. We aim to highlight the unique features of the Textures collection, such as AI-driven designs, sustainability, and high durability, to attract both new and existing customers. By combining availability with strategic marketing efforts, we aim to create a strong market presence and drive the success of our brand new collection.

Grains Green Collection

How has consumer behavior evolved concerning selecting tableware when it comes to eating at home?

Consumer behavior in selecting tableware for home use has evolved significantly in recent years, reflecting broader trends in lifestyle, aesthetics, and environmental consciousness. Consumers increasingly seek tableware that enhances the visual appeal of their dining experience. The demand for unique and visually striking designs has led consumers to choose tableware that reflects their personal taste and complements their home decor. The ability to personalize tableware or choose from a variety of designs has also gained popularity.

Radial Collection

With a shift towards more sustainable living, high-quality materials and craftsmanship that ensure longevity and resistance to wear and tear are now major considerations. Practicality remains a key factor in tableware selection. In totality, modern consumers are more discerning and informed, seeking tableware that combines aesthetic appeal, quality, health safety, sustainability, and convenience. This shift reflects broader changes in lifestyle and values, with a greater emphasis on creating meaningful and enjoyable home dining experiences.

Grains Green Collection

What is your most challenging activity at work?

The most challenging activity at work is efficiently managing and coordinating the different teams and departments, including product development, sales, marketing, and the office support team. Ensuring seamless communication and collaboration across these diverse areas is essential to maintaining our high standards of quality and innovation. Balancing these efforts to drive our goals forward while maintaining operational efficiency is a continual challenge that requires strategic oversight and adaptability. This balance is crucial to maintaining the high standards of quality and craftsmanship that Clay Craft is known for.

Do you also supply tableware to hotels and resorts?

Yes, in fact the HoReCa sector contributes to 40% of our business.

Radial Collection

According to you how important is the role of tableware when it comes to enjoying good food at home?

The role of tableware in enjoying good food at home is incredibly significant, and its importance has evolved alongside changes in consumer behavior and lifestyle trends. Beautifully designed tableware can elevate the visual appeal of any meal, making dining at home a more pleasurable and aesthetically satisfying experience. High-quality tableware made from durable materials ensures that the dining experience is both practical and enjoyable.

Radial Collection

Features such as microwave safety, scratch resistance, and dishwasher safety, as found in almost all of Clay Craft’s collections, provide convenience and reliability, allowing consumers to focus on the enjoyment of their meals without worrying about the maintenance of their tableware.

Tableware often carries cultural significance and emotional value, making meals more meaningful. This blend of tradition and innovation fosters a deeper emotional connection to the dining experience. Whether for everyday meals or special occasions, the right tableware can make a simple meal feel like a special event, enhancing the joy of sharing food with family and friends.

Radial Collection

What are Clay Craft’s future plans?

Clay Craft envisions becoming the world’s most preferred tableware brand. To align with this vision, we plan to expand our footprint not only within India but also across international borders. In the coming months, we will be aligning distributors in key regions such as England, Europe, and the Middle East. This strategic expansion aims to bring our high-quality, innovative tableware to a global audience, enhancing our brand presence and meeting the diverse needs of customers worldwide.

Radial Collection

How will artificial intelligence change the way we live, eat, work, and think?

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is poised to revolutionize our daily lives by making our homes smarter and more efficient. The integration of AI in home environments will lead to increased convenience, comfort, and safety.

In the culinary world, AI is driving innovation in both food production and dining experiences. AI can analyze dietary habits and nutritional needs, providing personalized meal recommendations and enhancing health and wellness. Companies like us are utilizing AI to create intricate designs on tableware, enhancing the aesthetic experience of dining. This fusion of technology and artistry elevates the sensory experience of meals, making dining more enjoyable and visually appealing.

Radial Collection

Automation and machine learning are streamlining routine tasks, allowing employees to focus on more strategic and creative activities. For instance, in manufacturing, we use AI for digital printing. It enhances precision and efficiency, leading to higher quality products and faster production cycles. By enhancing efficiency, personalizing experiences, and driving innovation, AI is completely reshaping how we live, eat, work, and think, ultimately contributing to a more interconnected and intelligent world.



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